StrikeForce®-S Video Guides

StrikeForce-S Video Guides


StrikeForce-S is a Blowfly treatment for sheep in Australia and New Zealand, a product of Jurox Pty Ltd. Jurox is an Animal Health (pharmaceuticals) company loacted in the Hunter Valley Australia offering a large variety of treatments for animal species in the companion (Cat, Dog, Equine) and production animal (Sheep & Cattle) market.

One of the most profitable treatment ranges for Jurox Animal Health is for Sheep as they offer a unique variety of drenches (oral treatments for worms) as well as spray-on treatments for external parasites depending on the area and suspected parasite infection. They are over the counter products so any farmer or livestock owner can buy and treat their animals, this increases the chances of poor administration or application leading to ineffective treatment or even possibly in some cases injuring the animal.

The brief was to produce a video or series of videos that demonstrate the correct technique for preparation, administration and cleanup relating to drenching and spray-on anti parasiticide products, this would be something that could add value to the range whilst offering customers a easy to follow instructional videos.

Services Provided

Conceptualisation / Story Boards / Videography /

Animation / Graphic Design / Digital Design